Police Brutality of the Day: Though this morning’s confrontation at Zuccotti Park was called off at the last minute when the park’s owner decided to postpone its clean-up project, police still managed to clash with Occupy Wall Street protesters celebrating their “victory.”

The above video allegedly shows an NYPD officer mounted on a scooter ramming into a crowd of demonstrators that spilled over from the sidewalk during the subsequent celebratory march.

One protester can be seen sprawled on the street after having his leg reportedly run over by the officer. Adding injury to injury, the cop can then be seen striking the wounded man before he is eventually hauled off.

Michael Tracey reported seeing a National Lawyers Guild member struck by a scooter, and CBS News reporter Miles Doran tweeted that his foot had similarly been run over by a police scooter, and that this was apparently a common occurrence at the scene.

At least 14 protesters were arrested during the march.

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