A mother, who got drunk before accidentally smothering her baby and killing him, was ceaselessly mocked by Headline News host Nancy Grace on one of her shows, asking “Did mommy booze it up and kill her baby?” and suggesting she should have been charged with murder.

That woman, made further despondent after seeing the segment, set herself on fire.  She later died.

(via The New York Daily News)

Nancy Grace is a shrieking monster.

"Medrano isn’t the first mom to be featured on Grace’s program and to later die in an apparent suicide.

"In 2006, Florida mother Melinda Duckett appeared on Grace’s show and was questioned as to why she didn’t provide more information in the disappearance of her 2-year-old son, Trenton.

"Duckett, 21, later shot herself in the head, and her family claimed it was due, in part, to being humiliated by Grace."