June Previews is out tomorrow, meaning our entirely-created-for-previews trailer story will be out in the world.

Bleeding Cool has just ran it.

And now it’s here.

Mention it to the shop if you want more.

June 18th 2014

Reblogging to remind everyone that there’s another couple of weeks to pre-order The Wicked + The Divine. 

Spread the word, as the ABC Warriors once said.




Another Miss America who didn’t realise who I was, yet did know the precious gender switched miss America. Apparently they went to the same high school.

Ahaha oh no. This is me. I honestly thought you were just cosplaying the 9th Doctor because you were British and it looked like you were wearing a leather jacket. I’m embarrassed forever, but it’s really funny now that I look back at it. Plus I’m honored to be on your blog since I love your work. It was really great (sort of) meeting you!

You thought. Kieron. Was cosplaying. The Doctor.

This makes me so happy. So happy.

I love this so much. SO MUCH. :D